Friday, January 21, 2011


She tasted the sea on her tongue
Salt suffused her body
Senses strained to hear the unspeakable wail to the crescendo

The world was her water
Dissolving, diluting, drowning and giving life again
Water was her world, this woman of pure earth

She blinked at the sky
A moment was born and with it, her, all over again
Blink, blink and an eternity hangs alone

What is the word, she silently questioned,
Herself, and her many others
Silence struggled to claw forward

And when the fire came
She was consumed
Her lips of grapes, her clothes of milk, her hands of cotton, her legs of roots

And was consumed her eyes of light, her ears of shells
Her love of tendrils and heart of insanity
The earth beckoned again, her mother

Salvaged pride is never whole
But the pieces tell you what you once were
And hers… were made of salt.

1 comment:

  1. nice poem. with the small brain, i cdnt get the subtexts of it. bt, i lkd the sky.