Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunshine of my dawn

And then there was a pause
When time froze
When eye lashes stilled

When you and I
I and you
Merged seamlessly, silently

You wore your hurt
On your chin
Superficially brave

But I wore my longing
With abandon
Without cowardice

You wait for me
Stillness, calm
Settled like a butterfly

While I thrash heartily
Wanting now, instantly
Gluttonous and loud

You give in to worry
Your luminous eyes
Blinking doubts away

I am enthralled
Cocksure, arrogant
As if you are mine

In this midst
Have you woven
Your web of oneness

Locking us together
Barely breathing
In the embrace of life

In your touch
Time has frozen
The mind arrested

In your embrace
Memory shall fade
Fritter into fragments

In your gaze
I shall be destroyed
And made whole again

In your unspoken love
Shall we create
A universe of our own

And I too shall destroy
And you shall rise
Once again... phoenix-like...

Sunshine of my dawn.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Questions hang in the air
Like thin icicles
Unspoken unbeknownst
Plaguing the heart and head

We held hands
While minds were a maze
Locked in our universe
Crashing tumult

Sodden with blushes
Heat rising from the feet
Hunger of another kind
Blanking out memory

I found the answers then
As I gazed upon you
I found my answers
In your luminous eyes

In your skin of sunshine
Your lips of pearl
Your hands of gnarled wood
Precious, oh so precious

And in your proximity
Time stood still
And in that stillness
Rose a sculptor

Engraved, ensnared
Embattled, enthused
Chiselled away at me
Tore down defences

Broke down walls
Made me his home
Rested, famished
And feasted his eyes upon my old old soul.

And there, he too, found himself.

Monday, March 23, 2015


When universes crash
Sun burst
Cloud burst
Mountains shift
Dazzling snow
Melts to rivers

And in the pouring rain
Bathed in gold
Eyes heavenward
Arms akimbo
Feet fluttering
Stood Serenity

Promise of life
Giver of hope
Rust of youth
Soothing lilting
Song of silence
Kiss of enigma

Serenity rose
Spread his wings
Engulfed her
Swallowed her whole
Imbibed her
Made her his

For eternity... 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Mist steals over me
Clouds worm into my nose
Cold is my cousin
Of my blood, my own

I once pulled a plant
Out by the roots
So pretty, so pretty
I'll keep it forever

I watered and watched
Watered some more
Dismay every day
I shook it in a frenzy

Panic set in
Will it die? I asked
No, said he with compassion
No, with kindness

Why me? I cried
I only loved too much
But still lay my plant
Strangled, mesmeric, dead

When love is unending
A sort of choking begins
First of the ankles
Moving north ever so slowly

And when it reaches the brain
A caterwaul begins
Incessant shrieking
That drives the unloved ashamed

I lay my beloved
Withered leaves blowing
Reminders of intense love
The embers of possession

And I lay down near my beloved
Unseeing, unnerved
Becoming one with the earth
Where what I once loved rests.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


He dug furiously 
His own little trove
A secret place
To hide his own

And there he hid
His thoughts of whorls
His mind of loops
His searing intellect

His unending words
With the improbable smile
His heart of cardboard
His life of salt

His dreary profession
His love of challenge
His hint of mockery
His irreverence

He hid his dreams
He burrowed ambiguities
His indiscipline
His wandering wish

He covered up hope
His myriad defences
His immortal fear
His unforgiving lust

He buried his heart
His very being
By the beach
And laughed in triumph

Not knowing
Never believing
The sea would vanquish
His treasure

And when the thoughts of whorls
The mind of loops
The heart fickle
The razor intellect

Were teased out
By the menacing sea
And consumed
And swirled

And tossed helpless
Into depths of green
He knew then
And forever

How powerless was he
How love could consume
How love could destroy
Wreak sweet vengeance

And he was adrift
For ever more
As his prizes twinkled
And shone bright

Under the moonlight
On the tranquil sea
Of surrender.