Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunshine of my dawn

And then there was a pause
When time froze
When eye lashes stilled

When you and I
I and you
Merged seamlessly, silently

You wore your hurt
On your chin
Superficially brave

But I wore my longing
With abandon
Without cowardice

You wait for me
Stillness, calm
Settled like a butterfly

While I thrash heartily
Wanting now, instantly
Gluttonous and loud

You give in to worry
Your luminous eyes
Blinking doubts away

I am enthralled
Cocksure, arrogant
As if you are mine

In this midst
Have you woven
Your web of oneness

Locking us together
Barely breathing
In the embrace of life

In your touch
Time has frozen
The mind arrested

In your embrace
Memory shall fade
Fritter into fragments

In your gaze
I shall be destroyed
And made whole again

In your unspoken love
Shall we create
A universe of our own

And I too shall destroy
And you shall rise
Once again... phoenix-like...

Sunshine of my dawn.