Monday, June 30, 2014

Roots (June 2014)

Lilting, she smoothes the furrows,
Time, undemanding
A caress from a different world
A world ageless and peerless

Shadows yawn ahead
Light made irrelevant
Water and land become one
The creases of her mind ironed out

Stillness all around
Silent breath of the mangroves
While all the while
Life teeming silently at her feet

Graveyards of the urban mind
Strewn with reckless remains
Of chaos and useless wrecks
And shells of human beings

And from those watery graves
She rises once again
Reinvents and rejuvenates
A new dawn in her supple heart

What must be rebuilt
Needs destruction first
Change and a new order
Will subsume the old

And she of the eternal
Giver of life, filter of the sun
Survivor and warrior,
Conqueror of time and age

She, the old, shall vanquish the new
She shall destroy her whole
And resurrect meaning
And purpose and being

With the lilting mesmeric flow
Comes a new dawn
This too is mine, she knows
All of this, every life here

Every root
Every hardy leaf
Every dancing shadow
Every grain of sand
Every drop of water
Every blue
Every brown
Every gray
Every green
Every red
Every yellow
Every wind
Every shore
Every silence

All mine…
And in that moment

She is born again. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Numbness (March 2013)

When did the numbness settle in
Did it creep in or was it always there? 
Did it nudge itself into a wedge
A small crevice that no one knew was there
Until it burrowed in
And wormed through
And wormed through
And nudged
And poked
And prodded
And dug
And dug
And dug
Until there was a hole 
In my black soul.

Goodbye peace.