Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Posts: Blood Hibiscus

Hibiscus of blood in a white washed world. Immaculate and startling and faintly disturbing. Its pure dazzle overwhelms the starkness around it, the warning swinging mournful engulfing white, white, white, white everywhere. For a month its hope endures. For a month its dew drops endure, still persuasive that the freshness is forever. For a month it flutters carelessly in an occasional white draught that seeps in through the white cracks in the white windows. Stillness for a month, no sound, no light, no fire and fury, no thought, no sound… never any sound. One whole yawning month. Destiny rolled over and rumbled soundlessly. It snapped its impulsive fingers. It tapped the toes of cruelty. It spurred on its partner, time, to pull out, to distress, to stretch until snap point. Time was up. White stands for peace… the white rose breathes of love… white is frantic… white cracks and blisters. White is a dove. White is, because it sucks in all the colours in the universe. White is every particle and energy in the universe. Time was up.

The freefall occurred. Hibiscuses are meant to wilt and wither. They are temporary. Even hibiscuses of blood. Especially hibiscuses of blood. They come, they go and no one mourns their going. They're forgotten before they disappear. The nightmares gallop and the shrieks speak of terrible loss. White washing is never a solution – the walls are still grey underneath. The hibiscus of blood is still falling – it will never hit bottom and never rise again. Red stands for anger… red is love… the red rose breathes of passion… red is you and I… red is a strangling binding horrific bond… red is a falcon. Red is a part of white. White ceases to exist without red. Red is loyalty and inconceivable danger. Red is madness and extremity. But time was up.
In a white washed world there is no place for red. There is no place for blood. There is no place for a hibiscus. The universe had to adjust. Destiny had to intervene. Normalcy and white prevail. Time is barren. White is the only future. So be it. So be it.

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