Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Posts: Woman

Woman of the earth, of valleys tangled and strung in the sky, of flowers with clashing, jarring hues floating wildly in white waters - wistful woman with the moon in her eyes and the barren desert in her smile...
Oasis woman with ships in her outstretched palms, woman of the furious sun setting on her back, woman of pregnant purple grapes, swollen and heady with yearning for a smothering love.
Woman of salt, licking the residue of passion and faith and belief and sweating a little more, willing the old faith to remain, fanning the dying embers of her ideology.
Brass woman with a false sheen, a reflected lustre, disillusioned and disillusioning. Woman of the cliff, teetering on the edge, plunging into an abyss of emotions, free-falling with arms outstretched, numb and unfeeling and uncaring.
Rock woman, solid in love and crumbling in tears. Woman of sounds, of words and echoes and whispers lost in the buffeting wind, heard by generations to come. Woman of sweat and screams, of method and disregard, of conscience and flights of fancy, of wings and ruptures, of ecstasy and bitterness.Woman...

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