Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Posts: Freeze Frame

Mirages don't exist but they do. Men exist but they don't. Women dis-exist. Hydran tentacles caress her cheek. Sperm swim frantically. God is a deep sea diver. Quiet... stillness... diffracted rays of the sun. Corals wave in slow-mo... that is their perception of time. Freeze frame. What was, is. What was to be, never will. Nausea comes in metered waves. Crunch of a sick mind. What is the future of 1/24? Time. Blink blink of fireflies. Rapid sigh movement. The world churns in frozen fear. Single syllables stuck in the throat. Notes melt and disintegrate into their raucous components. Bystanders check their watches. Tick tock tick tock. Un-tick un-tock. Blurred edges and faded centres. Spirals end somewhere. Somewhere in the ocean... fade to black.

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