Saturday, May 17, 2014

Unencumbered Waltz

I lean on your thoughts 
Your magic all-encompassing 
Yearning, now second nature
For a future out of reach.  

Afraid and alone
But with your hand in mine
As we reach out
Across time, across space.  

Our waltz is unencumbered
By society's frills
You and I...
Just you and I.

In a universe created
In an embrace manufactured
In a wild illusion
Of melancholy and soaring joy.  

Our lives are intertwined
Inextricably conjoined
We walk as one
Sing as one.  

But the traitor yearns
Loves more every day
Until it will burst
And be still evermore.  

You are mine
And as the wind whispers by
As the light of dusk settles
As night yawns ahead  

Solitude and silence
Shall be my fate
As I love you
With fervour and pain  

With insanity breached
With the love of a billion lifetimes
And hope that that love
Will find an echo for me. 

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