Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rebellion (October 2013)

The haze is meant to confound
It is the nature of the beast
Battle it, oh do try and watch
Its relentlessness increase.

Is this the end of time?
Questions that killed better men
Hound me, make me reckless
And I search for purpose once again.

The heart is fickle
It baulks when confronted by the mind
Questions age-old, yet unanswered
Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

My words are empty
My silences in vain
You echo my thoughts
But with deep disdain.

Enough, I cry, I can't take any more
Oh! But you will, it says,
Because you are strong
And supple and fickle of heart.

The world shall not wear me down
I sing no song impure
Higher meanings and intents aside
The tangible beckons with allure.

I stand up for justice
The costs incalculable
I cannot redeem myself
But my heart knows... it always knows.

Which tree is mine, which wing works
And where North lies
I am meant to stretch and preen and soar
However cloudy the skies.

And battle the winds and debris
And ruffle a few feathers
And come out of it all scathed
But wiser and weathered.

My love be poured unstintingly
Into my cause, no matter what it be
And may I sleep in peace at night
Knowing I was just and free.

Brickbats will rain, pushes and pulls
Will be heaped on me galore
But never let it be said she was unjust
Nor wavered evermore.

But where do I go, what path do I tread
What road to take so blind
Sticks nor stones will break my bones
And nor should words unkind.

Directionless, without destiny I embark
Only knowing that I must go
Down that road
Much less travelled before.

Poet? Visionary? Saint?
Neither of these am I
Truth be told, the certainty is
The norm I must defy.

It will come, it must come
Wherever I may be
To justify my existence
Is just to be fair and free.

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