Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rocky Road (October 2012)

A decade of emptiness
Seemingly insurmountable pain
And suddenly... a crossroads.

I breathed in deep
And stilled my mind
Willed my body.

Courage is a deserter
I shackled it, squirming, within me
And put one bold foot ahead.

And so life comes to a pass
Where confusion reigns
Where doubts are like pebbles.

And I want to...
I need to...

My love continues to hum
The mind tries to adjust
To a life lesser lived.

Do we have second chances?
I would love some more
And cry a little less.

My journey has begun
Faith has been set in motion
It is upto me to gallop.

And I shy away from permanent bonds
Preferring fluidity to lucidity
Afraid of... what?

Life can shatter in the blink of an eye
I know only too well
It is only love that keeps us sane.

So off I go wandering again
On my eternal quest
A hand shielding me from the sun.

Follow me, love me,
Swallow me whole
I am love incarnate.

Worship me, revile me
I am bit of you too
Rebel, poet, conformist.

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