Saturday, May 17, 2014

Battle On (October 2012)

Hope, he says, with conviction
And I listen in silence
My heart beats elsewhere
In the palms of my people so deep.

They will always ridicule
They will always throw stones
They will bring carnage and wreck our souls
But they are me and I am them.

The lanterns burn high
And the wave threatens to swallow
But I stand firm
Unrelenting, unforgiving, a renegade.

I question unwaveringly
No flicker of doubt
My oldest enemy and my best friend
My constant companion in my journey.

But I shake my shoulders
And square them
I puff my chest out
And stand strong.

No one can trample me
Because I refuse
And no one will go where I go
Because the stones are many.

And the blood flows true
But I will go alone
And I will battle on
Them... my own, my very own.

And I sit in silence
With the wind in my hair
Laughter in my eyes
Love in my murmurs.

And I know that no matter what
With no knowledge of my destination
With no idea where to turn
No inkling as to where I am going

No matter the stones
No matter the generosities
No matter the indifference
I will strive on.

I will run and stumble
I will pick myself up
And I will run some more
Until the ends of the earth. 

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