Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nothing Is Lost Forever

October 2016

When humans found language
They lost something.
For some experiences
There can be no words.

I saw a butterfly today
Dead and disintegrating
Food for ants
From death was given life.

I read somewhere yesterday
"Nothing is lost forever"
Truer words were not written.

Gazing upon the almost
Non-existent brow
Putting my lips to them
I experience a surge of something.

Affection? Love? Not quite.
I'll call it ITA.
I don't know what it means

When I press my lips
To the cheek, close to the eyes
The soft chubby part
I know I want that forever

When I feel a gaze upon me
I know it is mine alone
Every second we morph
And change.

One second we're performing
One character
Another second,
Quite another.

Are we one thing or many?
Is ITA the same or varied?
Does my ITA experience
Emerge similarly in another?
One will never know.

I want to polish my soul
Cobwebs have built around it
My spiders are hard at work.

I want to give up ego
I want to give up identity
I want to give up position

I want to win.

And I want the dusty rail
Carriages of my country
To crow about how

A man came once
On a pony, on a boat, on a truck
And laughed so hard
Delighted with himself.

Blue eyes shining
And looked up at the sky
Opened his arms
And let go - of ego, identity, position

And won... at long last.

In the pouring rain
On red earth
We will melt and dissolve
Merge into one.

Someday... maybe.
"Nothing is lost forever."

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