Thursday, November 10, 2016

Irrational Fears

​June 2016

Night rushes in 
Fog falls over my mind
Heavy, unwieldy
I search for you.

Breath catches
Frantic now
Irrational, afraid,
That you are gone.

When I know
You will stay
You will love
You will be.

And I know too
You care
More than
Anyone can.

I also know
Spring is round the corner
Winters never last
Your sunshine envelops.

But fickle, the mind
Afraid to lose
Fearful of no
Terrified of dislike.

And I know too
If indifference arrives
It will affect just one
Never the twain.

Dread and love
Are rancid
No peace can exist
But in your arms.

I love you.  

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