Thursday, February 19, 2015


He dug furiously 
His own little trove
A secret place
To hide his own

And there he hid
His thoughts of whorls
His mind of loops
His searing intellect

His unending words
With the improbable smile
His heart of cardboard
His life of salt

His dreary profession
His love of challenge
His hint of mockery
His irreverence

He hid his dreams
He burrowed ambiguities
His indiscipline
His wandering wish

He covered up hope
His myriad defences
His immortal fear
His unforgiving lust

He buried his heart
His very being
By the beach
And laughed in triumph

Not knowing
Never believing
The sea would vanquish
His treasure

And when the thoughts of whorls
The mind of loops
The heart fickle
The razor intellect

Were teased out
By the menacing sea
And consumed
And swirled

And tossed helpless
Into depths of green
He knew then
And forever

How powerless was he
How love could consume
How love could destroy
Wreak sweet vengeance

And he was adrift
For ever more
As his prizes twinkled
And shone bright

Under the moonlight
On the tranquil sea
Of surrender.

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