Thursday, September 12, 2013


The ringing screams louder, the silence after closes in… the walls near, inch ever so slowly closer… the heart steps up pace, wanting to push itself out of its cage.

Ambition unquenched is the mother of ills… repetition the sin of the cowardly… the meek may inherit the earth but the brave shall change it irrevocably.

I wander deliriously – always in my mind… always in my thoughts and dreams and in despair. The body has put down roots unwillingly. The heart lusts for new adventures, new places, new people, new experiences. But the body remains glued.

Recklessness is the consequence of claustrophobia… the clank of chains yields to the inevitable collapse of rules that bind.

The hopelessness of a generation numbs the mind. Change cannot come so easily – war must be waged for change to envelop the old and the seedy.

As I struggle against the push, rail against the pull, my claustrophobia remains unseen, unheard, unconquered. When shove arrives… I wonder which will break first. 

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